Bulk Ordering

Note to Bulk Buying.

– Bulk buying usually done by Importers who resell to other retailers in their countries.

– Typically bulk buying involves larger quantity of single items from 25 pcs above  up to thousands

– Usually we do custom design , differentiated products made only for importers  that are not usually featured on our genral selling. But , customer always send order from our website with desired quantities.

– Its up to bulk buyer whether they want to reserve particular products only made available for them  or not.

– Usually takes to produce from one month to two month, often shipped via air or sea cargo for order above 200 kg.  .

– Can be consolidated shipment with othe supplier.

–  50% advance payment require to confirm order. Remaining before delivery date.

We welcome bulk importers from abroad to send us order inquiry. We also do custom design according to their order. Bulk order  should be above 25 pcs in normal price products. But, high value items like statue etc need not to be in quantity. . For custom order we will negotiate the quantity and price once the  products specification is confirmed.

We will be happy to provide any information on producers, products and business for interested bulk importers.  We also welcome importers to visit our facilities in Kathmandu if they are travelling to Kathmandu.  We will also be happy to provide information on accommodation, local transport or meeting with produces on demand.  Besides , we are also happy to collaborate on any assiting program for the welfare of the producers.

Just send us your inquiry to    thirdworldcraft@gmail.com  for any products you want more than 50 pcs .