Our Mission

Our Mission

” empowering  artisans and producers to become independent entrepreneurs so they become master of their own business ”  by  eqipping them  necessary business skills using latest digital technolgoies such as Internet and  world wide web.

What our producer, artisans and trading partners says ”

lalita Rajbhandari I have know TWCN for 30 years and priveldged to work with TWCN since then I know Surendra Shahi who has been helpful in assiting my products to International market. .
Rohit Ahmed


TWCN  brings me order so I can keep giving work to producers, I came to know lots of ecommerce because I was trained in TWCN to do ecommerce of own. Thanks to Third World Craft and its team.
Darshana Shrestah I got opportunity to contact global buyers as soon as I got e-commerce training provided by Third World Craft  and I have been selling through website directly. TWC Nepal helped understanding e-commerce and i have not regular customer buying my products.
Neera Vaidya I have been sellign my jewelery products for several years through Third World Craft Nepal and I got several order in the past but recently  my order is bit slowing .
Tuladhar Handicrafts I sell most of metal products to Third World Craft and I am getting good order and timely payment from Third World Craft . I am please to get the marketing support from TWC Nepal
Radha K. Desari I am encouraged by TWCN regular order and also got training on using web technology from Surendra Shahi. I hope to start doing ebusiness on my own later but, i am satisfied with TWCN order and help on promoting my products.
Sapna Shrestha Thought only short time I have know to TWCN , It has been much helpful to get me order and so I can keep continue providing job for more womens.
Leela Joshi Its been pleasure workign with TWCN and I have getting good order to keep my production going.