Artisan’s Story

This page is dedicated to Artisans and producers of Third World Craft Nepal.

1. The natural beauty of Nepal and the art treasures, architecture,sculptures and paintings of the Kathmandu Valley have gained admiration thorughout the world. Over shadowed by such perfection, domestic crafts were hardly noticed or mentioned: yet the remakable range of such crafts, especially textiles, which reflect the diversity and ingenuity of the people thorughout the whole of Nepal, achieved equal perfection. Strong sacks and bags made from nettle fibre or yak hair, woollen blankets, bamboo baskets or an exquisite inlay-patterned cotton shawl or cap, topi, all bear witness to an independent achievement of the Bauhaus Priniciple of combining beauty with utility. No king, or other patron of the art in old days, inspired the people in the almost inaccessbile mountain areas, yet their skill in carving – although it might be only a spindle or a flute-equals that of any craftsman in the Kathmandu Valley, and the sophisticated weaving and basketry methods developed on isolated, self-sufficient farms evoke admiration from any professional weaver. (excerpt from Nepalese Texitle .. Susi Dunsmore )