Ramila Khadka

Crafts that empower women.       Short Story what Ramila Khadka  say’s :

Ramila Khadka at left on blue drress sharing her experience with TWC/OpenEntry Staff


I am Ramila Khadka of age 27, a local resident of Dallu, Kathmandu. I have just basic education but can not find decent jobs in high tech or high office. But I loved doing handicraft work and have been working as a craft producer since last 5 years. I learnt the handicraft skills from my friends out of my interest. I am making bracelets, accessories, mobile case and many other bead jewelries. Myhusband is working abroad in middle east (Dubai), as now days there are very little econonmic opportunity in Nepal for not so educated people. So he has gone to make his and our fortune. I live with with my 6 years son and taking myself solely care of him. Imake decent money from handicraft work, while I also help providing employment opportunities for other womennearby in my  neighbourhood. Currently, 8 housewives work with meand they are more than happy with their involvement in handicraft business.

Ramila said, “Money of course is the main reason which draws me towards this business. But besides money, the work keeps me busy and when I make a beautiful jewelry, I feel happy.”

With the use of Third World Craft’s markeing platform, Ramila has now been able to export her products all over the worldthrough TWC. TWC provides jobs for many such home based artisan who can take care of their children, do housefuld chores and at the same time earning opportunity to ease their life.