ARG Handicrafts


Mrs.  Jagat Laxmi Sujakhu


Happy to be independent through Crafts work !

Jagat Laxmi Sujakhu,  a jewelry  producer proudly states that she is an independent woman. She works under ARG Handicrafts; one of the chief workshop which regularly gets order from Third World Craft Nepal. Mrs. Sujakhu, now at her late 30’s, has earned 6 years experience in the field of metal and silver jewelry products. Besides producing metal jewelries she is also involved in crutch work. She starts her day with household chores and travels 1 hr from Bhaktapur for work at Patan. Despite of this hard and long schedule of journey every day, she is happy to be involved in the handicraft field. She states that this very field helps her to sustain the livelihood of her family including the education of her son. Her husbands drives public transport  and earns just enough to run life but she says’ she is more happy to be less dependent upon husband and can use some income towards her childrren education and do some saving.

Due to the poor economical condition, Mrs. Sujakhu entered in handicraft production as she sees as its easy job for household womens who has to balance both work and family.  She explains about her  troublesome experience in the earlier years of working with metal. She is very optimistic and wants to learn more about crafts work. She has been trained by Radha Desar of ARG handicrafts and continue to be skilled producers among other.. You can buy her products to support coninuing her productions.