Ashok Ratna Shakya


“Hard work spotlights the character of people”

Mr. Ashok Ratna Shakya who now is at his early 50’s works 13 hours a day. He has a mother, wife and son in his family. Mr. Shakya looks after his family and also pays for the education of his son all by himself through his hard work and expert skill of producing handicrafts. With an experience of 30 years, he is an expertise  in the making of prayer wheel. Prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel made of metal, wood or stone with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum inscribed on the outside of the wheel. He took training on making prayer wheels form his Guru…..who owns the workshop Unique Handicrafts.

Regardless of his tiring lifestyle he is happy and satisfied. He is thankful to his teacher for teaching him the skill which has helped him to provide good life and education facility for his son. Through international marketing, Third World Craft Nepal promotes his productions.