Jiyahul Rahman


 Handicraft Through Life

Jiyahul Rahman, the resident of Siraha district, Asupur village of Terai worked and took training for cutting, sewing bags and knitwear in Delhi, India for 7 years. Mr. Rahman is one of the artisans who have confidence in his skill and practices hard work. With a determination to do something in his own country, he returned to Nepal and started his small workshop of bag production. He is very skilled in the customization of any design.   In his workshop he employs(Full time) three men and two women who produces embroidered leather bags and accessories. The leather made of goat is brought from India and is turned into embroidery kashmiri style bags.

Mr. Rahman is now at his mid forties and have a family with wife, two daughters and one son. He looks after his family all by himself through his small workshop. Not only of his family but he also feels responsible for his employees and hopes to increase employment opportunities for many needy people. Mr. Rahman explain that he finds it hard to work when the order is low. Despite of this he is strong-minded to keep on going. Third World Craft Nepal have been helping him with the international marketing of his product since last  5 years. Mr Rahman express his gratefulness to TWC for buying and assisting him in export.