Radha Krishna Desar

Crafts from Ancestors

Mr Radha Krishna Desar who now is at his early 30s was handed over the skill of crafts by his ancestors, who from decades ago were involved in producing various silver products ranging from silver finger ring, bracelets, ear ring. Mr Desar proudly states that the skill of handicraft production is in his blood.  He has  over 15 years experience in the handicraft field. Mr Desar regularly gets orders and also frequently receives unique products information input from Third world Craft Nepal. He is very overwhelmed for getting immense support from Third World Craft Nepal.

Not only he supports his family all by himself through selling silver products but he also provides job opportunities for 9 producers working under him.  Mr Desar has his own business ARG handicrafts but markets his unique and stunning silver products from different fair trade channel in Kathmandu among which Third World Craft Nepal is the one providing him regular order. He has got the degree on Bachelors but he is happy to continue the handicraft skill handed down by his forefathers. Besides that he loves working in the handicraft field. Mr Desar is determined to expand his skill as well as his Silver products business with the help from Third World Craft Nepal.