Lalita Rajbhandari

            Crafts for Living, Pioneer in crotchet work.

Journey from producer to entrepreneur   Mrs. Lalita Rajbhandari

Mrs. Lalita Rajbhandari who now is at her early 60s, is one of the eldest producers benefitting from Third World Craft Nepal. Her husband died few years ago left with two daughters and son. She supports her family all by herself through selling handicraft products. Rich with various crafts skills such as crotchet, knitting, bead work and candy making, she has seen ups and down in her business and continuously struggles with adapting ranges of new products to sustain her business. She regularly receives design and fashionable products information inputs from Third World Craft Nepal.

She recalls her memory back to 30 years when she was earning 2 $  in a month for selling her artifacts. With basic literacy only and determination, she raised herself from a producer to a successful entrepreneur. She provides jobs for around 50 women (full time and seasonal). She has now set up a business Rajbhandari  Crutch  Craft center but markets her products from different fair trade channel in Kathmandu among which Third World Craft Nepal is one from where she gets regular order.  She has trained many new comers in this business. Mrs. Raj Bhandari can quickly produce any design she is asked for.


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