Mithila Art Story

Mithila ( Maithali) Arts refers to the indigenous hand painting adopted from original artwork painted on walls of the house of people living in Mithila territory (Janakpur and its periphery ) the souther land of Nepal where many of the artists live. Its iconography is drawn from a rich cosmology,  legends and  folklore  replete with symbols of fertility,  good luck and  prosperity. Mithila Arts &  the way of the lifestyle of mithila people expressed in their art that are carried out in speciall occasaions to decorate their households. The traditional skill is then converted to regular income earning opportunities where many women come forward to start business & selling their art work to domestic as well as export market. Today, around 2000 artisans are directly engaged & benefited from this painting actvities.  Mithila paintings depict various themes, like Hindu Gods, scenes from villages as well as plants and animals and now used not only in painting but also made various items like pencil case, mirror, tray, jewelry box, bedsheet and so on.