Traditional Dhaka cloth Weaving

Amongs the most remarkable and visible cotton textiles in the middle mountains are the intricately patterned, colorful panels which customarily are made up into caps, topi, for men and blouses and shawls for women. The topi is worn irrespective of rank or ethnicity and forms part of the national dress for men. This consists of a mid-thigh-length, plain white or light-colored cross-over garment, labeda, with matching trousers, suruwal, which are tight-fitting from knee to ankle. On formal occasions and in winter a Western style jacket is worn, sometimes with a waistcoat. The topi, the most distinctive part of the costume, is also worn on less formal occasions, sometimes with Western-type jeans and shirt, or , in the villages, with the laveda and a wrap around cloth and a waistband with the kukuri tucked in the front.