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The goddess dances with her right foot raised, holding a skull cup in her left hand and a brandishing a curved knife (kartrika, her right hand vajra (thunderbolt). She is naked but for thin bone jewelry.  A garland of severed heads hangs from her neck, an arch of delicate flames forms her halo.  She wears a five-skull crown.  These five skulls symbolize the first five perfections attainable on the Vajrayana path which are: generosity, discipline, patience, effort and meditative concentration.She has three eyes, symbolizing her ability to see past, present and future simultaneously.  In her left hand, she holds a skull cup filled with swirling brains and entails of the enemies of the Dharma and in her right hand is the kartri, a curved flaying knife, the instrument used to annihilate these enemies.There are 3 separate pieces to this statue: the Yogini, the lotus base and the arch the Yogini, the lotus base and the arch. 

This lost wax method copper sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand cast by the very talented artists of the beautiful country of Nepal. Every piece is truly unique! It stands 3.74" inch  tall and weights approximately 155 grams.

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