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Beautiful very rare hand carved solid metal brass and stone inlay work of coral, turquoise and lapis stones on the magnificent sculpture of Budhha's head. This head of Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni reveals his serene and meditative character at the highest level. The head is a pure and classic example of the Nepalese sculpture: a majestic portrait with distinct energy, externalized by his fine pronounced features and beautiful volume. Portrayed with fine small haircurls, covering his head and ushnisa, the symbol of his ultimate wisdom, this head of Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni is depicted with a fine band, separating his forehead from his hairdress. A large shrine as symbol of his spirituality is placed on top of his head. The elongated earlobes caused by wearing heavy earrings in his youth, reflect Buddha's royal origin.

This brass sculpture weights 1000 grams and heights 8 inches tall.