We have only selected few comments and feedback received from our clients for publishing on this website. We have not mentioned the email and contact of the buyers due to security purpose. In any case if any new clients wants to take reference we can provide only after taking permission for buyers of that particular country. 

What our clients say about us !

1.   6th April 2018 


     I received the goods and thrilled with them They are exactly what I was hoping for now......I am interested in placing another order to what I have.....

     Many thanks for delivering such a great products. .. they were worth the wait...

     Meg Massie. USA


Our mission 

To empower low income group of women by making them skillful in handicrafts production and economically independent to live with dignity in society and for better positive living


Our objectives

- To seek the globally marketable products and transfer the knowledge to the Nepalese artisans so that they can produce right products for right market and earn their living.

- To offer jobs for economically disadvantaged women and artisan mostly living in urban areas struggling for jobs due to limitation of their mobility, education, skill and opportunity. 

- To earn foreign currency to support national trade balance by increasing export trade.

- To educate producers and consumers about fair trade and promote fair trade domestically and internationally.

- To use trade as powerful tools for transformation of the society by making artisans community economically independent.