Rollover Glass Bead Bracelets making offers valuable income earning opportunity for the women of urban poor segments. Quite often women move from village to city with their husbands. These days youth migration to city and from city to middle east are imminent because of almost non/little existent of economical opportunity in village except irregular agriculture work. This situation drives to majority of low income earning group to migrate in the city like Kathmandu and where they end up doing labour work such as plumber, electrician, driver, carpenter etc. But the income from one person earning is not adequate enough to survive in the city. They go under sever difficulties in managing their lives as often these immigrants have wife and children to support .  Most of the women who migrated have very little or no education at all so they find themselves lost in the city life and can not get job. Besides taking care of little children and family are extra work for this reason they can not go out to work. 

Third World Craft Nepal targets to offer jobs for these types of home based women who can balance their household work with their earning. We train them with skill that requires no sophisticated tools or skills. 

Phoolmaya Tamang is a typical example as she moved to Kathmandu with her husband who is bus driver. She has two daughters and with regular job provided by Third World Craft she keeps her family responsibility and earning in balance. She has become now group leader and manages other 10 women. She is responsible for collecting raw material, distribution and pay on time.  She is happy engaging on production of Roll over Glass Bead Bracelets . She can produce up to 20 pcs a day and earns decent income without going out.

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