We encourage our artisans to publish their life story from time to time.  Buyers are welcome to extract the text story, case of producers and reproduce on their own website. 

Artisan's profile

Most of our producers/artisans are home based as they have several priorities besides work. Looking after family, children, home are top priorities and then their leisure time are used for earning. This way they balance their both life and economic activities. Most of our producers are women  where its encouraging to see that their husbands are now playing supporting roles to help them manage collection of raw material, delivery of goods and managing payments.  

Most of the womens who migrated to city with their husbands often ends up in city without job as they have to look after small children and they can not get job in formal sector. So our target groups are such with low economic opportunity women whose husbands are taxi driver, truck driver, peop, helper, cleaner , plumber, electrician and small shop keeper. We gather small groups in any given location and form a group of 10-20 women . Then we give then skill training for their desired field or the marketable products field. Once training is completed then we provide them raw materials or they procure raw materials from local markets. Once products are finished we buy back. This way the producers are masters of their own. Using this model we have been able to produce mass products of same kind up to 30000 pcs in  month.

This also helps us keeping administrative cost low to compete in the market. At present we have about 300 women directly engaged in productions of jewelery, bags, felt products etc.